What we do

We maximise shareholder participation in proxy voting and M&A situations through effective engagement, comms and corporate governance analysis services

Our proxy solicitation, shareholder communications, corporate governance advisory and related services remarkably and measurably improve shareholder vote participation, whilst providing long-lasting benefits to the proxy voting processes and procedures of issuers, their advisers and all levels of shareholders. Boudicca is the first proxy solicitation firm of its kind. We are the first to offer the combination of execution, consulting and training services.

Our Clients

Thras Moraitis Group Strategy Xstrata plc

"Diligent, in-depth knowledge, committed to maximising shareholder participation."

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Boudicca latest announcements in relation to our specialist services

London, 2 June 2014. Boudicca is Proxy Solicitation and Shareholder Communications Consultant to Asia Resource Minerals plc in relation to the AGM and General Meeting scheduled for 27 June 2014. For more information, click here.