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Exceptional talent, a genuinely unique servicing proposition and an inherent passion for our work


Boudicca Proxy Consultants was founded on a mission to build on the solid foundations of proxy solicitation and to evolve it for the 21st Century.

Execution | Consulting | Training

Especially during our challenging economic times, it is essential that we provide our clients solutions that suit their varied and changing needs. By being the first proxy solicitation firm to offer Execution, Consulting and Training services, we give our clients options that more widely accommodate their individual, unique requirements, objectives and budgets. We professionally execute outsourced proxy solicitation and shareholder communications mandates, as well as educate and construct sustainable proxy solicitation, shareholder engagement and corporate governance analysis programmes that our clients can effectively execute and maintain themselves with our ongoing support.


Our talented Associates are our biggest asset. Proxy solicitation is a complex process requiring specific "know-how" that only an experienced industry professional would have. We therefore have made it our policy at Boudicca that all our client mandates be lead, managed and executed by only experienced, expert Consultants who are supported by the rest of our team and an independent Advisory Board. Importantly, the same expert, experienced professionals engage with your key shareholders to ensure a more constructive, meaningful discussion.

Informed Approach

The proxy solicitation process inherently involves engaging with and communicating via telephone to shareholders. To further ensure meaningful, constructive discussions with shareholders, particularly institutional investors, we take the time to analyse their general voting behaviours, corporate governance policies and proxy voting policies before picking up the phone to them. This way, we only call shareholders when entirely relevant and interesting to them, thereby reducing the number of calls we make and the possibility of "annoying" them.

21st Century Proxy Solicitation

Proxy solicitation has been around since the 1930's and has a rich history. At Boudicca, we preserve in our work the industry's best practices and legacy, while ensuring that we move the industry forward to the 21st Century. When appropriate and in the best interests of our clients and shareholders, we incorporate the latest advancements in online communications and social media into our proven solutions.

Knowledge and Understanding

Finally, we are advocators of growth through knowledge-sharing and transparency. We believe in greater efficiency through education and understanding - if our clients, our prospects, our peers and the market in general have a better understanding of what it is proxy solicitors do and how they benefit from our work, we have a greater chance of being able to put our services, skills, talents into action and of making a long-lasting impact.

Exceptional Talent

We are comprised of a team of hard-working, experienced proxy solicitation and corporate governance professionals, who are committed to our clients' success. Meet our Founder & Managing Director, Sheryl Cuisia.


“Boudicca provided diligent, attentive services throughout the highly complex $80 billion Merger of Xstrata and Glencore. Their in-depth knowledge of the proxy vote process and their commitment to maximising shareholder participation was exactly what the deal needed to get it over the voting line.” Thras Moraitis, Executive General Manager Group Strategy and Corporate Affairs, Xstrata plc

“The Boudicca team is exceptionally professional. We were impressed by their level of support and the engagement they facilitated with our shareholders. We highly recommend their services.” Mark Summers, CFO, Gemfields plc

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